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February, 2022

What Is A Good FICO Score?

Tim Uncategorized February 3, 2022

What is a good FICO score? The answer depends on who you ask. Lenders use your score to predict how likely you will default on a loan. When determining the maximum amount of money you are allowed to borrow for a car or home mortgage, the lender will look at…

Check Credit Score – Tips to Help Boost Your Score

Tim Uncategorized February 3, 2022

It’s important to check credit scores regularly in order to ensure that your financial standing remains at par with the latest standards. There have been several changes made to check credit score procedures and it’s important to understand them. In fact, they’re pretty straightforward. The first major change is the…

Creating an Effective Credit Management System

Tim Uncategorized February 3, 2022

Credit management is a process of determining, establishing and implementing policies related to the timely recovery of credit that has been granted, setting appropriate terms for credit, and monitoring compliance with business credit policy, amongst many other credit related activities. A credit manager must also be prepared to take corrective…

How to Check Credit Score and Report

Tim Uncategorized February 3, 2022

Check credit score! Why? It makes no sense why anyone would do something as important as cleaning their credit without even knowing about it. The most important thing to check for is accuracy and timeliness. Your financial life depends on it. A credit rating is basically a numerical value calculated…