Take Control of Your Money

Welcome To TGS

Through AI,
Steward Will be Your Money Manager
For The Homebuying Process

  • Create Your Budget
    • Let Steward Auto conjure up or tweak it just the way you fancy and exactly how you need it. TGS is designed to choose what works best for you.
  • Monitor & Manage Your Credit
    • Get your credit score from the top 3 Credit Bureaus and receive alerts on substantial changes to your reports.
  • Connect with Steward
    • Download the App, interact with Steward, and embark on a financial journey towards your goals with a sprinkle of fun and friendliness.

Become a Good Steward

Becoming Better Stewards

Your Data in Cloud

TGS app is easy to navigate, when you see it you know your information is stored securely.

Active Support

Need Help Using Our app? Contact us at anytime we are ready to help.

Your Credit Design

Get a peek at your spending patterns and how it affects your credit profile.

What We Offer To You

  • Create custom budgets.
  • Track your Transactions, Spending and Trends.
  • Track your savings for the home-buying process.
  • Full access to Budgeting Tools that will auto-populate a budget for you.
  • Users will have all the benefits in the Freemium Version as stated above, plus:
  • Tracking your Debts.
  • Real-Time Alerts.
  • Track and build your Net Worth.
  • Real-Time Alerts.
  • Users will have all the benefits in the Serious Version as stated above, plus:
  • Tracking your Goals.
  • Tracking your Investments.
  • Get a complete Multi-Bureau Tri-Merged Credit Report in an easy-to-read PDF like format.


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