Not qualifying for a loan when buying your very first home can be depressing. However, this is usually because of lack of financial education and guidance. Maybe you do not have a bank or savings account. Perhaps you do not know the right way to build generational wealth. The perfect time to address these problems is now here at My First House!
Tune in to informative conversations that reveal the most practical ways to improve your credit and qualify for a home loan. Learn how to manage and grow your savings to buy a home, send your kids to college and make sound investments for the future. Get the best strategies in money management straight from real estate industry brokers, financial literacy experts, real estate professionals, bankers, ministers and many more. They impart the best tools and resources that make a significant change to your money matters. Start building generational wealth today with the guidance of industry professionals who invite you to look at the bigger picture of your finances.



My First House Intro – The Good Steward

Welcome to My First House! Host Timothy Griggs talks about the podcast episodes to come, what to expect from the show, and what the TGS Financial System is.